student yoga teach training

Hello Doctor Bhavana!
It’s all your hard work, help, and your brilliant way of teaching which made me absorb the study without much difficulty.
Thank you so much for being the person you are
I really enjoyed the course and the time flu. I use to look forward to your class every single day.
You are a super teacher n Doctor!
Congratulations dear for all that I have learned from you and I m sure many many more to come…

Pamela Kishore


I just completed My Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yoga teach Training Institute and Vishrut Medical Yoga therapy center Pune. I am very glad to inform you that I got a great and amazing experience at this institute. My guide Dr. Bhavana Bhingare is a very kind, helpful, skillful knowledgeable teacher. She taught me a deep theoretical and practical application of yoga.

Dr Soniya Madane

Ayurveda Doctor , Pune